The use of selected Google Streetview Panoramas embeded into the App came about in a curious way.

Google has recently added Trekker (Camera on a backpack) to the familiar Streetview (camera on a car/trike) to allow Panos to be recorded in far more places and The National Trails of UK are on the "to-do list". Here is an article from The Guardian 7 March 2016:

“Millions of people use Google maps around the world,” said Anne Clark, managing director of Walk Unlimited and the brains behind the mapping project. “With the Google Trekker imagery, those people will be able to see exactly what the trails are like. Around a quarter of the people who complete a national trail are from outside the UK and that is bound to increase as people all over the world see how amazing our trails and our countryside are.”

The missing link however was (and still is) how would the National Trail website actually FEATURE these to assist people planning Walks in the Cotswolds (etc). We had quickly determined that Google was actually ASKING websites/apps to EMBED the panoramas (as well as send via social media) but in March 2016 the Cotswold Way panoramas were yet to be recorded and added to Google Maps. We therefore decided to make this app using Streetview Panoramas while waiting for the Trekker Panoramas for the Cotswold Way.

So by Dec 2016 this (Cotswolds-in-the-Car) app had been completed and by Dec 2017 the Cotswolds-on-the-Foot app was complete (after Google added the Trekker Panoramas to Google Maps in May 2017).