After ENTERING the App there are FOUR Frames to scroll. A typical screenshot is shown on the left, reduced to 30%, this being Trip 6 in the LOWER Area.

In Frame 1 decide on UPPER, CENTRAL or LOWER Areas (in the example we are selecting LOWER).

In Frame 2 Select the chosen example of Trip 6 from the five Trips/Links shown. The 3-D Tabs include distance/elevation details and a mini elevation profile (repeated in Frame 3).

The Trip MAP for the Trip 6 selected appears in Frame 3 and the default (Anti-Clockwise) Fly-Over (see above) for Trip 6 appears in Frame 4.

In Frame 3 you may Select either direction for a Fly-Over, to see any of the Panoramas (see above), or some Notes, all of which appear in Frame 4.

Also in Frame 3 you can Select the website of a typical Bed/Lunch Pub/Inn (see above) or SatNav for either direction/rotation (see above) all of which open in a "New Tab".