Many folk either have SatNav in their vehicle or can use a mobile phone for the same purpose, so can simply enter the Start/End points of these (or other) Trips to get a choice of routes in the normal manner. So initially SatNav was not included in this app, until we saw the possibilities of SatNav in Cotswolds-on-the-Foot

The "difficulty" with SatNav for walking tracks is to convince the Google engine that a particular section of track IS capable of being walked and is recognised by Google Maps as such. That is to say there is no easy way (as at Dec 2017) of simply putting in your start/end points and expecting Google to go there via the official Cotswold Way - it has to be "coaxed" bit-by-bit to follow the correct route. But the good news is that it seems that once Trekker has spread its blue lines on the map it is much easier to twig the zigs & zags into the correct route. The better news of course is that once that has been DONE (with all the zig-zags recorded) then the user simply uses the features as if it was a simple drive to a Pub.

Because we have followed the Cotwold Way philosophy in this app of taking "the road less trodden", our "devious" routes will not automatically appear on a SatNav device using start/end points, so we have done a similar "coaxing" exercise and recorded/embeded the resultant routes for folk to use automatically.

And to keep all options in the same place we have also made a Quick-Access Menu (see Frame 1 once you ENTER the App) which tabulates all 12 Trips in BOTH Directions for both the devious and the default Routes.