As already mentioned, the Cotswolds Area is not only known for NATURAL Beauty but for MAN-MADE Beauty and Google Streetview allows us to SEE all that Beauty in stunning detail, which is why we have accepted Google's "invitation" to embed 149 of the Streetviews along the entire length of the trips we detail (see above). But as also already mentioned, Google "rewards itself" by in turn inviting the viewer of the website to "break out" from the Streetview/Trekker Panorama and explore the area of the panorama, right down to actually booking accommodation.

So while we initially designed this app to be "non-commercial" the decision to embed panoramas means it BECOMES commercial (but not directly to us), which in turn gives us "open slather" to include pubs etc wherever their Beauty and/or Utility adds to the overall theme of the app.

The Utility use is partly by way of augmenting the information (website, hours etc) of certain (randomly selected) pubs already provided by Google, but doing so "up front". The other Utility aspect is the use of certain (strategically selected) pubs as "waymarkers" in formulating the SatNav routes (see above).

Therefore featuring (or not featuring) a Pub etc is for the reasons stated and does not imply any endorsement, or lack of, nor is the list exhaustive in any way. In essence the reason for inclusion is to say that for each of the trips "this looks like a TYPICAL place to stay/lunch", leaving it up to Google and the associated social media army to give a FULL choice (with "likes" of course).

An example of this "neutrality" can be seen where Trip 1 ends at The Highway Inn Burford but Trip 2 starts from The Bull. Both would appear to be suitable places to stay the night (or have lunch) but by selecting the Google Icon for Burford the viewer can select (and even book) from a list of many more establishments in Burford, or those preferring to stay "out of town" can repeat that exercise at nearby Swinbrook and Asthall.

An example of utility is provided in Trip 12 by The Trout at Tadpole Bridge where it is used as a waymarker in the SatNav route to provide a position to safely make a U-Turn on this very narrow road (and The Trout will be hoping the viewer will stop for the night or lunch) and head back to Bampton to continue on the trip. That exercise is then repeated at Newbridge (where the River Windrush joins The Thames) where The Rose Revived is used as a waymarker, but once Newbridge is examined on the Google map it will be seen that The Maybush on the South side of The Thames is also suitable for turning, accommodation, lunching.