This Multi-App ("an App that works on computers as well as mobile devices") provides a Guide to those planning a "Cotswolds-in-the-Car" Holiday, both at the planning stage and for "on the trail".

There are those that claim that one can "do The Cotswolds" in a day-trip from London, in a coach, via Motorways, but this App is for folk that prefer the "long and winding road" (sometimes just narrow lanes) and rustic Cotswold villages.

The route is divided into 12 Trips (shown as alternating RED and ORANGE for clarity), each about 20 miles long and also 3 Links/Short-cuts (shown as PURPLE) are included to give good variety in planning trips from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Once you ENTER the App, to view a Trip, select an Area (Upper/Central/Lower) of the Cotswolds in Frame 1, then in Frame 2 select your choice of Trip.

The route starts at 3 o'clock at Eynsham and goes anti-clockwise to Chipping Campden at 12 o'clock, then basically follows the Cotswold Way route down to Bath at 6 o'clock, then back to Eynsham at 3 o'clock, but you can vary the routes (eg go clockwise) as you like.

Frame 3 has a Map of the route and a "Mini Elevation Profile" to show the Gradient changes along the route.

The Flyover in Frame 4 reduces a 20 mile car trip to about 2 minutes by flying over the route at about 1,000 feet, giving the viewer a very complete picture of the characteristics of each trip.